Announcements - Sunday 7th January 2018

6.00 pm Prayer Meeting in Choir Room
6.30 pm Evening Service: Rev Boyd – Temptation (James 1 v13 -15)
8.00 Elders Prayer Meeting in the Prayer Room

7.00 pm Campaigners (Eagles and Junos)
8.00 pm Choir Practice

8.00 pm PW – DVD Night

10.00 am Kells Tots
8.00 pm Pre Communion Service in the Church Hall

10.00 am Ladies Bible Study
12 noon Luncheon Club Restarts.
7.30 pm Campaigners (Inters & Craftsmen)

7.00 pm CE

8.30 am Early morning Prayer meeting
11.00 am SundayZone and Bible Classes
11.40 am Prayer Meeting in the Minister’s Room
12 noon Communion Service: Rev Boyd

Additional Announcements

2018 CWO envelopes are now ready for collection on the coffee dock. We thank you warmly for all your contributions to the Lord’s work in 2017.

We provide the following facilities on a Sunday to help parents:

  1. Crèche for babies up to age 3 in minor hall
  2. Senior Crèche for age 3 to P1 in main hall
  3. ChurchZone for P2 to P5. Children leave the Church service after the offering.
  4. P6 and above remain in Church

It is very important that these age groups are observed especially with regards to crèche. It can be quite dangerous for babies to have older children running around them.

Copies of Debbie Simpson’s latest prayer letter are available today

Church Calendar Meeting on Wednesday evening after Pre Communion. It is important that every organisation is represented as we sort out dates from now until the Summer. 

Ladies Breakfast
Sat 24th Feb, 9am-12 noon
Speaker: Valerie Murphy
Soloist: Joy Boyd
Theme: The Joy of the Lord is our Strength
Price: £12 inclusive of Full Irish Buffet Breakfast and Tea/Coffee & Shortbread after the talk.
Please spread the word to friends outside our church.
Please book and pay no later than Sun 11th Feb - Ring Joye


This year we are hoping to renew our TIMESHARE organisation, which for various reasons over the past years, has become a little run down. TIMESHARE is where we couple volunteers in our congregation, with an elderly or shut in person in our church, and ask that you would visit or contact them once a month in your own time. We are really needing new volunteers as well as our already faithful ones who do a great job. We also need both male and female. If you feel you would like to hear more about how you can serve God in this way, please come to our TIMESHARE MEETING ON Wednesday 24th January at 9 pm

Kells Youth will recommence on Friday 19th January at 7.30 – 9.30pm

It has been decided to hold a series of Joint Evening Services with Connor as follows:

  • Sunday 28th January at 6.30 pm in Connor
  • Sunday 25th February at 6.30 pm in Kells
  • Sunday 29th April at 6.30 pm in Connor
  • Sunday 27th May at 6.30 pm in Kells

These are in addition to Christmas Day at 10.30 am in Kells and Good Friday (30th March) at 8 pm in Connor
Everyone is warmly invited to attend these

Forthcoming Events

Pre Communion Service on Wednesday 10th January in the Church Hall at 8 pm
Communion Service on Sunday 14th January at 12 noon

Transform (PCi’s Young Adult Conference) on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th March 2018 in Crumlin Road Gaol.  Booking opens on 8th January at Conference only £55. Conference & overnight stay £65

Kids’ Big Day Out for Primary School children, their leaders and parents.
Saturday 21st April 1’45 – 4 pm in Wellington Church. Tickets £4 on sale from Monday 4th February from

Weekly Catechism – The Heidelberg Catechism
Q28 What does it profit us top know that God has created and by His providence still upholds all things?
Ans: That we may be patient in adversity; thankful in prosperity; and for what is future, have good confidence in our faithful God and Father, that no creature shall separate us from His love; since all creatures are so in His hand, that without His will they cannot so much as move.