The Powerpoint team has the responsibility of preparing and running the visuals in church every Sunday.
Whether that’s the presentation during the sermon, the words for the praise, or the occasional video that gets shown during the service, we’re busy in the background ensuring that it keeps running smoothly.
If you can use a computer, and especially if you’re not involved in anything else during the services, we could really use you! If you would be interested in helping out, or even just interested in finding out more about what’s involved, please speak to any member of the team.

Sound Team
The team that look after the sound have a relatively unseen job, but they provide a vital service in the life of the church. Not only do they provide the sound for the Praise Group, Choir and Minister. They also record and distribute CD recordings of each service to those who maybe couldn’t make it to the service.

If you would like to receive a CD, or are interested in helping out with the sound team, speak to John Kirkpatrick or Gary Wilson.

Church Website
A website doesn’t just happen, it has to be created and maintained, and this one is created and maintained by a small, but dedicated team of people, with surprisingly varied experience in web design and maintenance. However, we’re willing to learn by doing, and use the gifts of adaptability that God has given us to help move the congregation into the 21st century.
Maybe your talents lie in being organised enough to remember to update announcements, or maybe it’s graphic design, and knowing what looks good. Maybe you even like to write book reviews, or you have a knack for finding good resources online that might be helpful to everyone. Maybe you’re just brimming with ideas for how we could make the site better. Whatever your talents, we can find a use for your help.

If any of the above sounds like you, or if you can think of another way you can help make this website a better place for the congregation, which better glorifies God, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Connor McCullough