The congregation of Kells Presbyterian Church held its first services on 24 March 1874




 The congregation of Kells Presbyterian Church held its first services on 24 March 1874, with the present meeting house being built in 1876. The congregation was established as a direct result of the 1859 revival in Mid-Antrim. So many people were converted that the existing congregation in Connor could not cope with the numbers.

The present congregation has approximately 300 families drawn from the local community. Recent housing development has seen an increase in new members from outside the district. This  has been a positive experience and we continue to welcome all who are willing to be part of our church family.

Organisations range from the crëche for babies and young children through to the Luncheon Club for senior citizens. In between we have Sunday Zone, C.E., Campaigners, Kells Tots, Kids Zone, Bible Class, Youth Fellowship, Adult Bible Class, P.W, Praise Group and Choir.

For a number of years we have been twinned with a congregation of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Budapest and this has proved to be a profitable link.

We meet for worship at 12 noon every Sunday and 6.30 pm every other Sunday. Our services have an emphasis on Biblical Exposition with our services being preceded by prayer. Our midweek Bible Study meets on Wednesdays at 8.00 p.m. and is followed by a time of prayer. We believe that prayer is a vital part of the life of the Church and our prayer committee organises various events throughout the year when we focus on specific prayer requests. For more information on what’s happening in the coming days at Kells, including what services are on, check the latest announcements sheet.

Our desire is to bring Glory to God, through the preaching of His word and the living of authentic Christian lives.


It is our desire to see men, women and children coming to know Christ as Saviour and serve Him as Lord.

The Church at Kells exists to glorify God by preparing Christians for a life of obedient discipleship and by fostering a lifestyle of loving concern which commends Christ to all.


We would aim to do this by:-


  • Faithful Biblical teaching in all areas of our Congregational life.
  • Worshipping God in ways which are reverent, warm and meaningful.
  • A firm commitment to prayer both private and in prayer meetings.
  • Providing opportunities for Christian believers of all ages to serve Christ in many aspects of life.
  • Being warm and welcoming to all who come through our doors.
  • Showing interest in and concern for all of the people with whom we have any contact.


 As a church we believe:

  • God in creating Adam and Eve entered into a warm, loving relationship with them.
  • Adam and Eve destroyed this relationship through sinful disobedience and as a result every single person is born sharing their guilt and separated from God.
  • God is not content to let men and women continue in this terrible plight. Rather He reveals Himself and His love to them.
  • God speaks to mankind through the Bible which is His inspired infallible word.
  • The Bible tells us that God has always wanted a people to call His own and has taken steps to ensure that He has one.
  • God even before He created the world chose a people to be His.
  • In order to remove the barrier of human sin God sent His own Son Jesus Christ to die for His people.
  • Jesus Christ is both fully God and fully man. He is God the Son who became a man and died on the cross as a substitute for His people bearing all the anger of God against their sin. He was buried in the tomb and rose again the third day, triumphant over death.
  • God the Father and God the Son sent God the Holy Spirit to call men and women to turn from sin and to Jesus Christ.
  • The Holy Spirit speaks to individuals through the message of the Bible and gives them the power to trust Christ.
  • Every person has a God given responsibility to consider the claims of Christ and to turn to him in faith begging him for forgiveness and mercy.
  • Once saved through faith in Christ the new believer must live a life of obedience to God’s Word through the Spirit’s power. This life is one of love and concern towards all men and will involve Church membership, devotion to prayer, bible study and witness.
  • The believer serves Christ throughout the earthly life and upon death, goes to be with the Lord in heaven.
  • Jesus Christ will return again to judge the world.
  • The consequence of rejecting the gospel message is eternal punishment in hell.
  • The almighty God created the universe in six days and He gave life to everyone.

For more detail about what we believe, you can read the Westminster Confession of Faith  and The Shorter Catechism