Prayer is absolutely vital to the life and work of any congregation, and Kells Church is no different. There are a whole host of various prayer ministries and initiatives that happen within our church.

Prayer Ministry
After each service, and at several points during the week the prayer room will be open for anyone who would like to be prayed for or with. Or even if you have felt God speaking to you during the service, and just need somewhere to reflect on His word and speak with Him.

Half Night of Prayer
At various points throughout the year we have half nights of prayer. These usually take the form of a night of praise and prayer around a particular theme or topic, and they are nights of tremendous blessing, where we can come together as a church and spend a few hours together seeking God’s face.

Prayer Triplets
These little groups of 3 are a great way to deepen your prayer life, and to have the privilege of praying for and with 2 friends. If you’ve always been a little afraid about praying in a prayer meeting or anything. The prayer triplets will help you have more confidence in prayer, and really stimulate your prayer life.

Prayer Meetings
We do of course have various congregational prayer meetings as well. The early morning prayer meeting is at 8.30 am on the first Sunday of each month. There is a time of prayer before every service, and there is also a time of prayer every Wednesday night following the midweek meeting.