Kells Tots
Kells Tots meet every Wednesday morning from 10 to 12 noon. Parents can enjoy the luxury of adult company while their little ones (0 – pre-school years) enjoy the company of other little ones. They can play with a wide variety of toys that cater for all ages and even get the opportunity to take part in organised craft activities. Throughout the year there are a number of seasonal events and activities to enjoy. These include a summer outing and a Christmas trip to name but a few.

We operate a rota system, with 4 volunteers being on duty at a time. The creche starts every Sunday from 11:40am until worship ends and every other Sunday evening from 6:30pm. Anyone who is willing to help please contact Rina or Hazel

The motto of C.E. is “For Christ and the Church”. We aim to develop the spiritual life of children, making them aware of God’s love for them and their need for the saving work of Jesus in their lives. Most of our meetings involve some degree of participation from the children, from suggesting praise songs to taking a full meeting. We have guest speakers and meet with other C.E. members at Junior Conventions. All of this activity mimics the life and work of the local church and makes it easier for the young people to take part in aspects of it, most importantly the prayer meetings.

Kells Youth
Spend any time with the members of Kells Youth and you’ll soon notice (among other things!) the individuality and uniqueness that each member has, and see how these characteristics are sewn into the close-knit fabric that gives the group a real sense of togetherness. Fellowship is the key component and it is through sharing supper together, joining our voices in praise, delving into God’s Word and spending time in prayer that we seek to find out a bit more about ourselves and about our awesome God when we meet with one another. Besides the regular fixtures mentioned above, we have a very diverse programme and we love to invite church members to come along to share with us, as well as welcoming guest speakers, missionaries and musicians from all arts and parts to share in fellowship with us. We are also active in the wider church community and lead two services every year. As well as meeting every other Friday evening, we occasionally get together at other times to play games, watch a movie, or to head out for a bite to eat.

Bible Class
Think Sunday School, but for young adults. We seek to build on what the young people have learnt through Sunday School, and other organisations, and help them to understand the bible, and how to apply it to their day to day lives in school, college or work.

Church Zone
Halfway through the morning service children from P1-P4 leave for their own junior church. There they sing, hear a Bible story, do some craft and learn a memory verse. They also enjoy a snack and a drink. During the evening service children of primary school age leave to watch a Bible-based DVD, or to do some activities. Leaders in both sessions are volunteers from the congregation.

Sunday Zone
The aim of Sunday Zone is to present the gospel to children in a meaningful and enjoyable way. Sunday Zone meets each Sunday morning and from mid-September until the end of May culminating with an outing and finishing off with our Sunday Zone service. The children are split up into one of 4 different zones. Each zone is led by a team of teachers who rotate the various activities to be delivered eg. memory verse, bible story, game, craft , workbook etc. 

This is our largest Youth and Children’s ministry. It is a uniformed organisation for boys and girls from age 4 up to age 18, across 4 different sections, Eagles, Junos, Inters and Craftsmen.

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